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Presentasion Brancusi

23 rd – 29 th September  2017

   The partnership involves different types of partners and participating organizations from four  European countries. In order to achieve the goals of our project we have to coordinate our activities between these partners.
   During the  course of the project there will be four transnational learning, teaching and  training activities which are necessary  for the implementation of the project.  At  the meetings the students and teachers will work together in mixed teams in organized training activities and will learn that different countries might have different views on the topic “happiness” which will enrich the project considerably.  So the exchange of ideas about the different aspects  of the topic will lead to a better inter cultural awareness.
   It is also important for the students to learn that social and economic backgrounds might differ very much and make it difficult for some countries  to cope.

Workshop 1/25 th September 2017

What is Happiness for me, personally?

       ​The students were asked to express their opinion on what happiness means for them. Each student his/her view on a “green leaf” and then they presented it while decorating the Happiness Tree.

Workshop 2/26 th September 2017

Preparation for the Handicraft activities

    Students familiarized with the Circle of Happiness and prepared the handicraft activities for the children from the Orphanage “Congregaţia Fiicele Îndurării”.

Workshop 3/26 th September 2017

The Day of European Languages

    Students, working in mixed nationality groups, familiarized with useful vocabulary and expressions in German, Dutch, English, Romanian and Hungarian. They had to find the right pairs and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

Workshop 4/26 th September 2017

Volunteering – Visit at the Orphanage “Congregaţia Fiicele Îndurării”– Offering gifts to the little ones, and  handicraft activities.

   The students and teachers participated at a voluntary activity organized by the host school at the Orphanage “Congregatia Fiicele Indurarii.” The students took part in leisure time activities with the little ones as well as worked on handicraft activities. The students from Germany, The Netherlands and Romania offered gifts to the little ones. At the end of our activities a dance show was presented by the teenagers from the orphanage. The students made friendships and got close to the little ones and adolescents as well as they asked for their postal address to send them small gifts. Through this activity we consider that we could widen students empathy.

Workshop 5/27 th September 2017

Preparation for the Traditional Food Festival – School canteen – Kitchen

    The students from the three partner countries prepared a traditional dish/ meal for 15 people from the Olds Home “Căminul de Argint” from Viile Satu Mare.   Each country prepared its traditional food like: stuffed cabbage, noodles and cheese, salads and saussages.

Workshop 6/27 th September 2017

3D Happiness Postcards

   The students, individually, prepared a 3D Happiness Postcard for the people from the Olds Home “Caminul de Argint” from Viile Satu Mare, decorating them with different seeds and personalized them with their ideas about Happiness and Life.

Workshop 7/28 th September 2017

School inclusion

    Is the act of making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important. Social inclusion means working togheter, not only being togheter.

Workshop 8/28 th September 2017

Conflict Management

     Is the process of limiting the negative aspects while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. Students worked togheter in order to find solutions how to manage any occurred conflict.
Motto: ,,Togheter is better than one”


20th-24th November 2017  

Presentasion Isala

Disemination of Activities_carried_out_in_the_Netherlands_20-24_No

A brief incursion into the activities carried out, workshop’s:

  1. Let’s get to know each other;
  2. Where do you come from?
  3. Human migration;
  4. Cultural visits etc.


   4th-8th  March 2018

Presentation Hohbergschule

A brief incursion into the activities carried out, workshop’s:

  1.  Happy Hiking;

  2. Happy Drawing and Room of Happiness;
3.  Climbing and sports make you happy;
4.  Happy Cooking;
5.  Art Museum- POP ART and happiness;
6.  Producing happy chocolate products;
7.  Producing toys for happy kindergarden kids;
8.  Town ralley;