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    Our students are at the heart of everything we do here at pursuitofhappiness. We are committed to providing them with the best education and training possible. Below are a few comments from students we’ve helped to succeed. Check them out, and give us a call to see how you can become a satisfied student too.

Jennifer Scheuter
Rowan Schwartz
Teun Ratering
Luna Heuberg
Brenda Vinkenvleugel
Simon Kolnhofer 
Kea Kiefer 
Lucas Ziegler 
Tom Polachowski 
Lucy Gunther 
Melisa KARA
Sedanur KAYA
Şengül KOÇ
Cizmar Iulian
Surducan Raul
Foita Andrei
Zsilinski Thomas
Rusz Mihai
Herman Reiner     
  “Working with students from other countries, gave me the chance to make new friends and exercise my English”. ,,Being part of this project was a very nice experience for me!”  ,, Thank you, pursuitofhappiness for not only helping me learn the material, but for really allowing me to absorb it.”